Meghan Markle's Step-Brother Feels 'Disgusted' After Watching Her Netflix Docuseries
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During his appearance on a New Zealand radio show, Thomas Markle Jr shares he has decided to cut ties with the Duchess of Sussex for good following the release of 'Harry and Meghan'.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr has spoken out about the Duchess of Sussex's hit Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan". During his appearance on a New Zealand radio show this week, Thomas suggested that he had decided to cut ties with Meghan for good.

"It's basically like an extended version of that horrible Oprah interview," he said of the 6-part docuseries on Friday, December 16. "I don't want anything from her. Nobody in that family has ever asked her for anything. She started this whole charade ... and me and the Markles will finish it."

Thomas also said that while the former "Suits" actress "knew what she was signing up for" when it came to paparazzi and learning royal protocol, he and his family didn't sign up for the media attention. "You sign your rights away when you're part of the royal family," he told the radio show's hosts. "Deal with it or move on. So that's what they did, they moved on and then they complained about it."

Later in the interview, Thomas claimed he was "disgusted" when Meghan talked about asking King Charles to walk her down the aisle at her 2019 wedding to Prince Harry because her estranged father couldn't attend the bash due to health issues. Of their father's current condition, Thomas said that Thomas Sr is "okay," though he now "has his ups and downs, good days, bad days."

Thomas additionally shared that it was "hard to say" if what viewers saw on the docuseries is the real Meghan considering the fact that she's an actress. He also agreed with the opinion that the series only makes her and Harry's relationship with the British royal family further strained. "It's destroying any chance they had to make amends with the royal family," he opined.

The "Big Brother" VIP Australia 2021 star added that the producers of the Netflix series and the 2021 Oprah interview should have "gotten both sides of the story." He later teased that he would offer that in his own documentary which is set for a 2023 release.

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