Amy Schumer Gets Mixed Reactions After Reflecting on 'Lonely' Battle With Painful Endometriosis
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While some is wishing the 'Trainwreck' star well, other social media critics are blasting her for claiming that she went through it all 'alone' while many women have similar condition.

AceShowbiz - Amy Schumer received mixed reactions over her latest interview. In the Tuesday, December 13 episode of "The Checkup: With Dr. David Agus", the comedienne reflected on her "lonely" battle with painful endometriosis.

"It's this pain you can't see," the 41-year-old star began, "And there's this tendency to think women are just being dramatic." She further shared, "It's a lonely, lonely disease. You tell someone you get really bad cramps, and they're like, 'Oh, it's being a woman,' and you're like, 'no, it's irregular.' "

Amy continued, "I've been in so much pain, you know, my whole lifeā€¦not just the week of my period." She elaborated, "It's during ovulation. I would hopefully get a good week a month where I wasn't in pretty significant pain, still trying to achieve, still trying to go through life. It's been really difficult."

Amy, who shares son Gene, 3, with her husband Chris Fischer, underwent a hysterectomy and appendectomy to relieve her of pain stemming from endometriosis in September last year and it was a decision she described as a game changer. "I felt like a new person. It was incredible," the "Trainwreck" star said, "I feel like someone lifted this veil that had been over me and I just felt like a different person and like a new mom."

Upon learning of Amy's interview, some critics blasted her for claiming that she went through it all "alone." One person said, "Lonely, along with the approximate 190 million other women who have endometriosis. You're late to the party, honey." Someone else weighed in, "Lonely as if it's you're the only one who experienced it." A third wrote, "I struggle with endometriosis, and I'm not lonely at all. It's probably just her personality."

"First of all, it's not a disease, it's a condition. And saying it's 'lonely' is just looking for sympathy," someone else chimed in. "Many women have this condition but they don't choose to publicly talk about it to get attention."

In the meantime, fans of Amy wish her well, with one commenting, "Oh my god..sorry for you Amy! I wish her well." A second fan said, " I truly hope she gets better, and am struggling to find something nice to say....: at least it hasn't affected her breasts, they seem to be doing well!"

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