21 Savage Claims Nas Didn't Find His 'Irrelevant' Remarks Disrespectful Amid Collaboration Backlash

When setting the record straight in a Clubhouse chat, the London-born artist claims that he and Nas were already in talks about collaborating prior to the rumored beef.

AceShowbiz - 21 Savage has responded to backlash over his collaboration with Nas. While fans were not happy to see the two releasing a joint single after 21 said Nas was "irrelevant," the "Her Loss" artist insisted that his collaborator didn't find the comment disrespectful.

21 set the record straight in a Clubhouse chat. Noting that he and Nas were already in talks about collaborating prior to the rumored beef, the London-born emcee explained, "Me and Nas been talking about making music, on my kids. Way before all that other s**t happened."

"We been like, figuring out how we was gonna do a song before this, on my momma. I been had his number. He been telling me he was a fan of my s**t, I been telling him the same thing before all this s**t happened bro," the 30-year-old added. "That's why he didn't take what I said in no disrespectful way 'cause he knew what I was trynna say."

21 and Nas dropped "One Mic, One Gun" on November 29. Prior to its release, the 49-year-old rapper announced on Instagram, "Nas x @21savage TONIGHT Only way we moving is with love, respect and unity. The foundational principles of hip hop."

"Excited to collaborate with my young brother and I hope more artist use turbulent moments and turn them into a time to make new art," the New York native further stated. "That's what it's about."

It proved that Nas and 21 are not beefing despite the 30-year-old's statement about the latter. In a heated Clubhouse debate, 21 said o the ""Kings Disease 3" artist, "What y'all saying, relevant though? I don't feel like he's relevant. I just feel like he got fans."

Doubling down on his remarks, the "Spin Bout You" spitter stressed, "He's not relevant, he just has a loyal a** fan base." He went on to note, "He just has a loyal fan base and he still make good-a** music."

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