Jenna Ortega Explains Why She Refuses to Seek Tip From Christina Ricci on Set of 'Wednesday'

The 'Stuck in the Middle' actress is determined to put her own mark in Wednesday Addams as she's doing her best not 'to be too much like' the original portrayal from the 1990s.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Ortega didn't seek advice from Christina Ricci on the set of "Wednesday". The 42-year-old actress played Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family" movies in the early 90s, but Jenna - who plays the fictional character in a new Netflix series - never asked Christina for any tips.

"I think when [Christina] was on set, neither one of us said Wednesday once to each other. I don't think she wanted to get in the way of my performance and feel like she was overbearing," Jenna shared.

Christina plays a different character in the new comedy-horror series, and Jenna admits that she didn't want to be too much like [Christina]" with her portrayal of Wednesday. The 20-year-old actress told MTV News, "I felt like I didn't want to pull up something that she did 30 years ago. For the sake of my own benefit, but two, yeah, I didn't want to rip her off and I didn't want to be too much like her."

Earlier this month, Christina claimed that "every generation" should have their own version of Wednesday. The actress loved starring in the new show and she hailed Wednesday as an "incredibly self-assured young girl."

Christina - who also appeared in the 1995 fantasy film "Casper" - said, "It's Tim Burton so you can't really go wrong. Also, the scripts were really wonderful. I love the spirit in which they were making the show."

"It really does retain a lot of the spirit of Wednesday - that dignity, that incredibly self-assured young girl who knows who she is and won't change or pander for other people. I think it's really great. Every generation should have their own Wednesday."

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