YouTuber Gets Punched After Calling Boosie Badazz 'Boy'

White Dolemite, who is known for pranking people in public settings, learns the hard way not to carelessly address the rapper after he calls the Baton Rouge hip-hop star 'boy' in one of his YouTube videos.

AceShowbiz - It's a prank gone wrong. A YouTuber got himself in trouble with Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) after trying to pull a prank on the rapper. Things went south after White Dolemite, who is known for pranking people in public settings, called the hip-hop star "boy" in one of his videos.

In a video that White shared over the weekend, he was seen wearing a pair of overalls, a red shirt and a cowboy hat. The Atlanta-based content creator approached the "Wipe Me Down" spitter while at a grocery story and asked him for a box of mac and cheese.

"Can you hand the mac n' cheese to me, boy?" he asked while Boosie looked super confused at the racist request. The YouTuber then doubled down on his request and pushed even further. "Boy, I said hand it to me, now, boy," he demanded.

While Boosie, who was with three other men, a child and a woman, didn't respond to White, his crew did. One of the men stepped in and told the YouTuber, "We'll beat your a**." Another added, "Who you talking to like that?" to which White arrogantly replied, "Boosie. I'm the real BadAzz. Now, hand it to me now, boy."

It was apparently the last straw for another associate of Boosie. "I'll beat your muthaf**kin a** in this b***h. What? Don't talk to him like that," he said. Boosie then tried to stop the altercation as he asked White if he was joking, but one of his crew punched the content creator in the face.

Upon watching the video, some Internet users thought that it was all staged. "I glad you got sucker punch stop trying to play us out," one commenter wrote. "So fake lol…. Boosie dont just go shopping in WalMart let alone let somebody dressed like that get close," another person echoed the sentiment.

Boosie, meanwhile, has yet to address his run-in with White.

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