Cheryl Burke Saved From Falling Off the Wagon by Her Dog Amid Addiction Struggle

The 'Dancing with the Stars' member admits she's still tempted to fall back into her drinking habits and credits her beloved pet with helping to keep her sober.

AceShowbiz - Cheryl Burke is grateful for having her dog Ysabella as the canine helps keeping her sober during her addiction battle. The "Dancing with the Stars" pro quit drinking four years ago and she has admitted her beloved bulldog helped keep her on the wagon as she battled temptation during difficult times following her split from husband Matthew Lawrence - who she is now battling for custody of the pet pooch.

"The belief in a power greater than myself consistently helps me to stay the course when things get hard, and I have to give credit to my dog, Ysabella, for keeping me going a lot of the time. Yep, I'm a full-blown 'dog mom' and not ashamed to say it!" the 38-year-old dancer wrote in a post on Instagram.

Cheryl went on to reveal that whenever she was feeling down, she would make herself feel better by taking Ysabella for a walk. She added, "Going through a public divorce, there have been days where I wanted to just stay in bed and hide, and the idea of numbing my emotions with a vodka soda can sound pretty appealing."

"But Ysabella has tons of energy and gets me outside to go for walks multiple times a day. She loves me to play with her, and I honestly can't imagine life without her by my side 24/7."

Cheryl has finalised her divorce from "Boy Meets World" actor Matthew but they are still battling over custody of Ysabella and the dancer admitted she's prepared to take the issue in front of the courts.

She previously told, "It's still not over because we have to maybe go to trial - well, we are going to go to trial, unless [Lawrence] all of the sudden calls it off. That will happen in January. I'm still just really hurt by the whole situation. That's my dog. Ysabella is my daughter; I'm a dog mom, and that's it. I couldn't even imagine my life - I mean, I could just cry right now. But I couldn't imagine my life without her."

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