Podcaster Rory Farrell Says He's Denied Entry at Jack Harlow's Concert After Criticizing His Skill

In the latest episode of 'New Rory and Mal' podcast, the 32-year-old podcast host reveals that one woman who is seemingly from the 'First Class' rapper's crew even called him 'white piece of s**t.'

AceShowbiz - Podcast host Rory Farrell apparently isn't welcomed at Jack Harlow's concert. In the latest episode of "New Rory & Mal" podcast, the 32-year-old revealed that he was banned from the "First Class" rapper's recent show due to the comments that he previously made on the musician.

Rory shared that the incident took place at Jack's concert at the Barclays Center in New York over the weekend. The podcaster claimed that he was invited to the show only to find out that he was blacklisted from the event before the Kentucky native could take the stage.

"[DJ Drama] was in town," Rory told his co-host Jamil Clay a.k.a. Mal, adding, "We were just going back and forth about what was going on that night and he was like, 'Oh, there's this Jack Harlow show, I'll put a ticket aside for you.' " Jack was signed to DJ Drama and Don Cannon's record label Generation Now in 2018, an imprint of Atlantic Records.

Rory continued, "I love Jack Harlow, I think his music is dope." Mal added, "We've supported Jack. We've been…I said when his album came out that his album was a lot better than a lot of rappers we think are pretty dope."

Rory later further recalled, "So I'm on my way there in an Uber and Drama calls me, which I'm thinking, 'Oh, alright, do I need to get in there a certain time?' 'Cause I'm already late. So I say 'I'm on the way should I go to will-call?' "

"The phone is then taken away from [DJ Drama] and what sounds like a…woman. I took it as someone that was a woman…who starts to curse me the f**k out and say that 'only people that support Jack Harlow are allowed in the building tonight.' Which me naturally thinking, as someone who supports Jack Harlow, I agree," he continued. Rory then shared that the woman told him "turn your Uber the f**k around, you white piece of s**t."

Rory revealed that he was initially confused why he was banned. He later found out that the animosity seemingly stemmed from his and Mal's remarks in their "Lyricist of the Year" episode where they criticized the rapper's wordplay. "I get it - artists are sensitive, managers are sensitive, [and] I'm not telling anyone how to take criticism or what they view as criticism. At some point though, if that's what we're calling 'not supporting someone' and 'hating on someone,' [then] I don't really know what to do anymore," Rory said.

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