JT Pokes Fun at Lil Uzi Vert's Near Cooking Disaster
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The one half of City Girls is baffled at how her boyfriend manages to keep looking stoic while standing in front of a raging fire on a stove in their kitchen.

AceShowbiz - Lil Uzi Vert loves to cook for JT and she may appreciate his attempts to spoil her with his food, but his recent kitchen session almost ended disastrous. The raptress, whose real name is Jatavia Shakara Johnson, claims that her boyfriend almost burned down their house while cooking for her.

Taking to her Twitter account, the one half of City Girls shared some snaps of the "XO Tour Llif3" emcee looking stoic while standing in front of a raging fire on a stove in their kitchen. "My boyfriend love to rig up a meal for me it's so cute but today he almost burned our place down & didn't flinch!" she quipped over the picture.

Baffled at how Lil Uzi managed to stay calm despite the nearly dangerous situation, JT added in a second tweet, "No y'all his mood really didn't chance, he watched it go out & all." The accompanying photo shows Baby Pluto in a similar pose while looking on the fire, which appeared to have tamed a bit.

In the follow-up tweet, JT revealed what Lil Uzi cooked for her that almost caused the disaster. "And then boom.....," she wrote along with an image of tacos served on a plate and bowls of chopped vegetables as well as what looks like stir-fried shrimps.

Lil Uzi has never been shy to show his love for JT. Just a few days ago, he flexed his pricey jewelry that his girlfriend gave him while calling her his "future baby mama." In a video posted on Chris Smoove's Instagram account, the "Eternal Atake" rapper showed off his chains dangling on his nick while saying, "This motherf**ker, $200,000, ok this motherf**ker, $150,000."

He then pointed to a bedazzled bracelet on his right wrist, which was embroidered in golden crosses and studded with various diamonds. "I ain't gonna lie, my future baby mama JT, Jatavia Johnson, bought this motherf**ker for me I ain't gonna lie. City Boy price. God damn $300," he added.

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