Royal Family Unveils First Look at Queen Elizabeth II's Final Resting Place With Prince Philip

Buckingham Palace has released a photograph of a black marble slab marking where the late monarch and her husband were interred, days after she was laid to rest on September 19.

AceShowbiz - The royal family has given the first look at Queen Elizabeth II's final resting place. Through Buckingham Palace's official social media account, they released on Saturday, September 24 the official picture of a new ledger stone at the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

The photo shows an engraved black marble slab that has been installed within the walls of St. George's Chapel in Windsor to mark where the late Queen and her husband were interred. The slab is hand-carved from Belgian black marble and features brass letter inlays to match the previous ledger stone installed in the chapel.

The new ledger stone now reads the late monarch's name (1926-2022) as well as her late husband, Prince Philip (1921-2021), and her late parents, King George VI (1895-1952) and Queen Elizabeth (1900-2002). A garter star separates the two royal couples.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle, hours after she was placed under medical supervision as doctors expressed concern over her deteriorating health. The picture of the updated ledger stone was unveiled just days after the Queen was laid to rest in a state funeral in London on Monday, September 19. A number of world leaders attended the funeral to pay their respects in person, while mourners gathered along the streets to send Her Majesty to her final resting place.

The funeral drew 37.5 million viewers across the BBC, ITV, Sky and other channels' broadcasts, the biggest audience for a U.K. TV broadcast in history. Meanwhile, in the U.S., an average of 11.4 million people tuned into the live broadcast of the Queen's state funeral.

The Queen's coffin was interred in a private ceremony with only her closest family, which was not broadcast or filmed for the general public. The ashes of the Queen's sister Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, are also interred in the chapel.

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