Queen Elizabeth's State Funeral: Meghan Markle Comforts Countess of Wessex After Service

Prince Edward's wife has been praised for allegedly offering the Duchess of Sussex an 'olive branch' and 'gesture of support' as they attended a service in honor of the Queen last week

AceShowbiz - Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, shared a tender moment during the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess of Sussex was seen reaching out to comfort the wife of Prince Edward following the service at Westminster Abbey.

The two ladies, along with other royal family members, looked on as the Queen's coffin was carried away from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch at London's Hyde Park Corner. While King Charles III, his sons Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as his siblings Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, were walking behind the coffin, other family members were later seen leaving in cars.

Meghan and Sophie had earlier arrived together in the same car at Westminster Abbey as their husbands walked behind the coffin. They were also seated next to each other during the service.

Sophie, in fact, has been praised for allegedly offering Meghan an "olive branch" and "gesture of support" ahead of the state funeral. The two attended a service in honor of the Queen last week. They joined royals at Westminster Hall, where Her Majesty's body was lying in state, last Wednesday, September 14.

At the service, Meghan stood beside Sophie, Kate Middleton and Camilla, Queen Consort, on the other side of the Countess. According to Royal writer Rebecca English, who was in Westminster Hall at the time, there was a "noticeable gap" between the three other women, working royals, and Meghan, to begin with.

"There was something self-consciously awkward about her posture, demonstrating the depth of the rift between herself and the rest of the royal family even if you happened upon them without any prior knowledge of the acrimony of the past four years," Rebecca noticed. "Indeed Meghan, who was holding black leather gloves, seemed so lost for something to do that at one point she rested her left hand in her pocket."

However, Sophie later leant over to chat to Meghan in an "olive branch" movie, according to Rebecca. The Countess of Wessex has also been dubbed a "peacemaker" and perhaps an ally to the Sussexes amid reported rift between the couple and other royal family members.

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