Chrisean Rock Says Her Father Deserved the Punch After Blueface Altercation

The 'Baddies South' star accuses her father of domestic abuse after footage surfaces showing that her dad was the aggressor as he landed the first blow on her rapper boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock is apparently taking her boyfriend's side following Blueface's physical altercation with her father. The reality star has accused her father of domestic abuse and said he deserved the punch for beating up her mother in the past.

Chrisean shared traumatic details of her father's alleged abuse on Twitter over the weekend. In a post-and-delete, she claimed, "That same dad that got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mom up in da woods just to beat her cuz she scream so loud in the house wen he beated her in front of us."

The "Baddies South" star went on to share, "He went out his way to damage my whole family that same dad I met when I was 7. Somebody was supposed to knock that n***a out a long time ago."

Chrisean's allegations about her father arrived after a new video appeared to show that her dad was the aggressor in the fight with Blueface. In the footage obtained by TMZ, the Los Angeles-born star was seen having an argument with some of Chrisean's family members before her dad threw the first punch at Blueface.

Things soon turned chaotic, with Blueface chasing after Chrisean's father to retaliate. He then knocked Chrisean's dad out as seen in another video which had surfaced earlier.

The incident took place on Friday, September 16 outside of the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, which is located across from the John Hopkins Business School. Following their fight, Chrisean posted on her Story, "So my boyfriend knocked my dad out. Da family stuff didn't go well. INO even know whats going on [heartbroken emoji]." She went on expressing her feeling again over the complicated situation as she tweeted, "What hurts da most ion have nothing to do this s**t for I was doing it for my family."

Meanwhile, Blueface posted a cryptic message on his Story, claiming, "I'm her daddy now [a face with tears of joy emoji]." On Sunday, he hinted that it's all good between him and Chrisean as he tweeted, "I don't get mad I get even," to which his girlfriend replied, "Bet."

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