Boosie Badazz Claims His Reality TV Show Was Canceled Due to His LGBTQ+ Community Remarks

During his new interview with Vlad TV, the Baton Rouge rapper shares that his show was axed after he received major backlash for his comments on the LGBTQ+ community.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) could have a reality TV show right now if not because of his controversial comments on LGBTQ+ community. During his new interview with Vlad TV, the Baton Rouge rapper shared that his show was axed after he received backlash for being an anti-LGBTQ+.

In a video which was published on Friday, September 16, DJ Vlad asked the hip-hop star about J. Alexander Martin who claimed in a previous interview that he worked with Boosie for a reality show before it was canceled. "We had a shot and get guys for some good pilots to it, and we was getting ready to pitch it [and] that was when the gay s**t was out about me and all that s**t going on," Boosie explained.

The host then asked Boosie to clarify the statement because "it sounds crazy the way you said it." Boosie replied, "You know when I said about I hate gay people and s**t." When the DJ pointed out that he made it appear that he was talking about him being gay, Boosie said, "You know what I'm talking about, mane. They tried to turn me against the gay world."

Boosie went on to say that due to the controversy, a lot of people were "backing away." He added, "And I ain't like that. Personally, I didn't like that. I feel like I shunned the way, so after that I was like, you know, 'F**k it. F**k y'all. F**k everybody.' "

"Basically that was it. Basically I was doing a reality TV show to put my son in a great position. … I don't know if I'd ever f**k a reality TV on my own. I'm thinking about shooting some s**t, just the days in the life of Boosie. I'm thinking about all kind of s**t, bro," he added.

Boosie also shared if he's interested in launching a podcast. "People want me to do my own podcast, but I don't like it," he said, before explaining, "I don't like to ask games. I like to give games. If I ask you a question and you don't like it, I'm gonna argue with every young n***a come on that, motherf**ker. I don't want to be a crazy host. I like to give games, you see what I'm saying? I like to give games, mane."

The rapper, however, admitted that he was thinking of creating a show called "How Legends Made". "I want to bring all the legends and they tell me how the legend was made," he shared. "I ain't asking no question about this and that. I'm just asking how the legend was made." Boosie went on to stress, "I can't do no podcast because I'm gonna argue with everybody."

Boosie was famously feuding with Lil Nas X, who is an openly gay rapper. Boosie also received major backlash after being critical against Dwyane Wade's trans daughter Zaya.

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