The duet appears in Kane's new album, 'Different Man', which was released on Friday, September 9 and features previously-released singles 'Grand', 'Like I Love Country Music', 'Whiskey Sour' as well as 'Leave You Alone'.

AceShowbiz - Kane Brown and wife Katelyn Jae have teamed up for a new duet. On Friday, September 9, the married couple released "Thank God" and its accompanying music video where they sing their gratitude for each other.

The visuals shows Kane and Katelyn driving through the woods. The pair later enjoy spending time together in a small cabin, swimming in a clear, beautiful waterfall before ending up at a secluded beach.

"So, thank God/ I get to wake up by your side and thank God/ Your hand fits perfectly in mine/ And thank God/ You loved me when you didn't have to," the twosome, who tied the knot in 2018, sings in the chorus. "But you did and you do and he knew/ Thank God for giving me you/ Oh, yeah, thank God/ Thank God for giving me you (Oh, yeah-yeah, yeah)."

"Thank God" appears in Kane's new album, "Different Man". The project, which also arrived on Friday, features other 16 tracks, including the previously-released singles "Grand", "Like I Love Country Music", "Whiskey Sour" as well as "Leave You Alone".

Speaking about the new record, in a recent American Songwriter cover story, Kane said, "The third album I'm doing right now... I've definitely taken my time and made sure of the songs that I want on there." He went on to note, "Some I kicked off and put back on and kicked off again and now they're back on."

Kane also opened up about how much he loves music. "I just love music," he gushed. "My favorite thing is seeing fans that love it and listen to my songs-I hear them sing the lyrics back to me whenever we're at shows. People ask me who my favorite artist is all the time, and I don't have one."

"My favorite song? I don't have one. I always hear different things. Songs touch people in different ways. That's what I love about music," the singer elaborated further. "You don't have to like it, but somebody else does."

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