Fivio Foreign's BM Clowned After Alleging That He's Secretly Gay

Jasmine Giselle, who previously accused the 'Big Drip' rhymer of neglecting their children, claims in a new video that she found out he's on the DL after discovering gay porn in his search history.

AceShowbiz - Fivio Foreign's baby mama Jasmine Giselle isn't done exposing him. After accusing him of neglecting their kids, Jasmine has made a shocking claim that the New York City rapper is secretly gay.

Jasmine said she found out her baby daddy has been on the DL after she discovered gay porn in his search history. "I went through his porn history, it was gay s**t. It was mad gay s**t on his porn history," she said in a video that went viral on Wednesday, September 7.

Jasmine went on detailing her sexual encounters with Fivio that further raised her suspicion. "This was happening for two years already...while we were f**king...he would f**k up as in the first couple times, I was like 'Yo, he's just f**king up.' I didn't think nothing of it," she shared. "I'm saying f**k up as know we talk when we f**k, we talk nasty."

She continued, "So, instead of saying, 'This is my p***y,' he'll say, 'This is my d**k or give me that d**k.' At first, I was like, 'You know maybe because I'm saying d**k, he's saying d**k after me, probably confusing it.' Like, I'm not thinking nothing of it, I've never experienced anything like that with a DM n***a... Maybe he's confused."

Jasmine also called Fivio a "sex addict" and claimed that he has got other women pregnant at the same time. "Whoever's pregnant by him, go get an abortion," she suggested. " 'Cause y'all gonna suffer. I'm saying that because right now I think he got two b***hes pregnant right now. He gets around. He f**ks around and he does not use a condom. Y'all gotta be careful. This man is like a sex addict."

She continued to expose the rapper, saying, "He will get burned, go to the clinic and come back like nothing happened. This man is like a sex addict. He's a sex addict."

But Jasmine's claims backfired as many believe that she should not have exposed her own baby daddy. "But you stayed with him knowing this BYE!" one person trolled her. Another similarly said, "You had a baby by this man tho."

"Exposing herself trying to expose him," a third responded, while another was confused with her explanation, "What she mean she didn't think nothing of it the first few times? Lmaoooo what."

Model/social media personality Lira Mercer also weighed in on it as writing, "These are always insane to me bc it's literally YO MAN u been wit/ keep being w/ … what we posed to do." Another person claimed, "She sound hurt from those 2 other pregnancies…. If he gay he gay so what his music still dope! We don't care if dudes gay in 2022 lol this would've been groundbreaking in 04 tho haha."

Some others, meanwhile, didn't believe Jasmine and accused her of lying to retaliate on him. "He must've miss a child support payment now she just say anything," one person alleged. Another echoed the sentiment as saying, "You can tell she making this up as she go she must be mad the judge ain't give her more for child support."

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