Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins Deny 'Hiring Bots' to Attack Garcelle Beauvais' Son
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The three members of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' are forced to defend themselves after they were accused of initiating cyberbullying toward the 14-year-old.

AceShowbiz - Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins have shut down rumors about them "hiring bots" to attack Garcelle Beauvais' son Jax. The three members of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" set the record straight via their respective social media accounts.

"When I apologized to Garcelle for yelling at Jax, I also told her I would apologize to him in person," Erika penned on her Instagram Story. "But that did not make the edit. All the women saw me say this."

In a follow-up post, the "Pretty Mess" singer noted, "I did not hire bots to attack Jax." She further emphasized, "And my offer to apologize to him, in person, still stands."

Lisa, for her part, wrote in her own Story, "I can't believe I even have to clarify this, but I did not hire bots to attack Jax." She then urged online trolls to "please stop with the accusations and threats."

Facing the same allegations, Diana shut them down in a note shared on the photo-sharing platform. "I have been accused of instigating the hateful and inexcusable cyber bullying of Garcelle's son. Nothing could be further from the truth," she stressed.

"I have stood for human rights my whole life. There is no place for hate in this world," the entrepreneur wrote. "To those people who have been attacking my family and threatening our lives, you are also spreading hate and creating fear. Please stop."

The drama began after Jax showed some rude comments from "RHOBH" fans. Later, he said in a statement, "Well I'd like to start off by saying I am still a kid and wish to not be viewed as a fully matured adult, because I am not one... It is currently my first week of high school and, instead of enjoying it like most kids at my school, I have to deal with being attacked on social media."

The teenager also added that he "did not sign for this show, nor do I have anything to do with the show's drama." He pleaded, "I just want to be a normal kid," adding that his Instagram account is not for "publicity or the public's gaze but to be seen" by his peers as a regular kid.

Bravo also condemned the racist attack toward the 14-year-old. "We are shocked and appalled at the social comments directed at Garcelle's son," the network declared. "We urge our viewers and social followers alike to refrain from targeting our cast and their families with harmful rhetoric."

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