Lewis Hamilton Uses Cold Therapy to Recover Between Races

The Formula 1 champion reveals in a new interview his 'self-care' regime that includes cold therapy and acupuncture to help him stay in shape for car races.

AceShowbiz - Lewis Hamilton turned to cryotherapy to maintain his health. To keep himself in tip-top shape and be able to recover between Grand Prixs, the Formula 1 world champion swears by an extensive "self care" regime.

"Recovery has been a real focus for me in the past couple of years. Now, I always make sure the day after a race is a complete day off - I make sure it's a day to myself for self care," the 37-year-old race car driver told GQ.

"I do cryotherapy, I might do some pool work and I make sure I get physio or acupuncture that day, or just a steam room. Also, when I was younger I honestly didn't stretch before or after I got in the car. I wasn't equipped with the knowledge that it's a good way to loosen yourself up so stretching is super important to me now."

Lewis also learned a "huge" lesson of the importance of maintaining good cleanliness due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to ensure his well-being and happiness.

He said, "A huge thing in our team has been hygiene. The pandemic kind of provided this educational process that perhaps we didn't grow up where we've learned about the importance of sanitising surface areas so you're not picking up things."

"The amount of times we touch our face in the day, it's crazy, like thousands of times so that's something I would say I've learned a lot more about, and read about how to properly wash your hands. People do it quickly but actually taking the time to scrub your hands is still so important. A big focus for me is trying to stay healthy, 365 days of the year and to be happy."

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