Sarah Hyland Explains Why She Hates Wearing Makeup

In a new interview, the former 'Modern Family' actress says she prefers to keep her makeup 'as simple as possible' because she's 'actually horrific' at applying it.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Hyland is not really fond of wearing makeup because she's terrible at applying it. Spilling the beans on her beauty secrets in a recent interview with Bazaar, the "Modern Family" star revealed that she's never been "super into wearing a ton" of cosmetics and prefers to keep everything "as simple as possible" instead.

"I've never been super into wearing a ton of makeup, purely because I can't do it - I'm actually horrific at it," she said. "So I just try to keep everything as simple as possible: I'm a big brows, mascara, lip liner girl. If I'm seeing people, I'm definitely into no-makeup makeup. If I'm not seeing people, then absolutely nothing at all."

"The Vampire Academy" actress also admitted that she is a witch and used to burn sage, which is also known as smudging in occult practices and is used to cleanse one's aura from negative energy.

When asked if she ever lights any candles and burns incense, Sarah, 31, said, "You're talking to a witch here. But yes I love sandalwood and dragon's blood incense, those are my go-tos- I also really love the scent of cedar as well."

She added, "I used to light sage all the time but I don't anymore. Now if I want to cleanse a space or my aura or something, I'll use either incense or Palo Santo."

Sarah, who had two kidney transplants at the age of 21, is now a health and wellness advocate and currently serves as creative director for wellness company Sourse which produces vitamins and dietary supplements.

She said, "Health is of the utmost importance to me because of my background with it. I'm just super excited to be a part of the Sourse team."

"It's been so fun to get on phone calls, come up with new product ideas, and see those actually come to life. I'm proud to create an easy and delicious way for everyone to consume their daily supplements."

"I take a lot of vitamins and dietary supplements anyway, and run everything by my doctors just in case. And it's so nice to be able to cut down my pill volume and give myself a little treat with chocolate at the same time. I instantly had ideas for new products, because I know so much about the health space and what women need. It's nice to contribute to something that's been such a massive theme in my life."

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