Idris Elba Fled in the Nude When He Saw Bat During Sex With Wife

The 'Luther' actor reveals his phobia of bat, recalling he left his wife in the shower when he spotted the winged creature in the bathroom during their raunchy romp.

AceShowbiz - A bat ruined Idris Elba's sex session with his wife. The 49-year-old actor was frolicking with his wife Sabrina in the shower but their raunchy shower romp stopped short when he fled in the nude because he's scared of the winged creatures.

The animal encounter happened in South Africa earlier this year when he was filming for his new movie "Beast", according to the actor. "I was shooting in Limpopo. My wife was there and we were going to have some fun in the shower," He told Men's Journal magazine.

"Some morning romance, you know? She got in, then I followed her and closed the door. But then I looked down and clinging for life to the inside shower door handle was this bat. A tiny, wet bat. I hate bats. It was freaky as f***. I jumped out of the shower so fast."

"My wife makes fun of me about it to this day - 'You left me in the shower with a bat!' "

The "Luther" star revealed that he first developed a fear of bats when he was in Australia. He explained, "These big fruit bats would soar by the place I was staying every evening at around five. They were huge and long. Horrifying. Not like the one in the shower. That guy was tiny, but still."

Despite his bat terrors, Idris is usually no stranger to the shower as he revealed that often goes in twice a day to keep himself feeling fresh.

He said, "I will shave! I'm the guy who gets new growth by five o'clock in the afternoon, so I keep on top of it. And I shower every day, sometimes twice a day. I just got a fresh haircut and, honestly, my energy levels feel different. My clothes feel different."

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