Tyra Banks Dubbed 'Evil' After Clip of Her Calling Size Six 'ANTM' Contestant 'Huge' Resurfaces
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The former judge of 'America's Next Top Model' lands in hot water after old footage exposes how season one contestant Robin Manning was body-shamed on the show.

AceShowbiz - Tyra Banks has landed in hot water for her past comment. The former judge of "America's Next Top Model" was labeled "mean and evil" after an old video that saw her calling a size six contestant "huge" on the show went viral.

TikTok user @hotgirlseurope posted a compilation video exposing how season one contestant Robin Manning was repeatedly put down by the former supermodel and her panel of fashion experts. The clips saw size six Robin being labeled as "plus-size," "fat" as well as "huge."

"Are we shooting for the large size category?" Janice Dickinson, who was also a panelist on the series, asked while looking at a picture of Robin, who was 27 years old at the time. "Yes, Robin would represent a plus-size model," Tyra responded while looking at a photo of the slender contestant, before adding, "One problem that I do have is that on the top she's not plus-sized, and on the bottom she is." She also said, "I just wish her upper body was bigger and matched her lower body better."

Later on in the clip, the fashion judge expressed her immediate dislike for the model. "Robin's out, as far as I'm concerned about being a supermodel," she said, "The next 'America's Next Top Model' is not a plus sized model, I'm sorry!"

In the non-fashion world, plus-size is considered anything size 12 and up. Meanwhile, in the fashion world, models size 8 and up is often considered plus-size.

Social media critics were quick to slam Tyra and other judges of the show in the comment section of the viral TikTok post. " 'She's huge' what??" one person commented, with another slamming the fashion experts, "They call her fat and making her feel horrible, but want her to pose nude. Tyra and her clique/crew were so mean and evil." A third suggested that the judges should apologize for what they said as writing, "They should honestly issue a public apology to Robin. Not ok."

Someone else stressed that the judges clearly bullied and body-shamed Robin. "Robin is absolutely beautiful. It's disgusting watching the judges tear her down then expect her to be this confident woman. It's borderline bullying," the said person wrote. Another urged, "TYRA MUST EXPLAIN HERSELF."

A separate person chimed in, noting that Tyra actually had been in Robin's position, "You would think Tyra would be more understanding considering she has been in robins shoes before." Another added, "I can't believe Tyra didn't stand up for her."

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