Tyra Banks Inspires Fans to Accept Natural Looks After Embracing 'Little Wrinkles'
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The former Victoria's Secret Angel is showered with praise by social media users for 'bravely sharing' her natural appearance and not resisting 'aging with surgeries.'

AceShowbiz - Tyra Banks has inspired her fans to accept their natural look. After opening up about embracing her "little wrinkles," the former Victoria's Secret Angel, who is the first black American woman to be featured on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, was praised by social media users for not resisting "aging with surgeries."

On Saturday, January 13, the 50-year-old model/television personality made use of her Instagram page to share that she has "little wrinkles" on her face. In the caption of her post, she wrote, "I now have these little wrinkles on the corner of my mouth and I'm kinda feelin them."

Tyra did not forget to ask Instagram users their own experience with aging. The former "Dancing with the Stars" host went on to ask, "What are you about yourself these days? TyTy wants to know." Near the end of it, she added a yellow heart emoji.

In the same post, Tyra also uploaded a never-before-seen selfie of herself. In the snap, she was showing off her face seemingly without heavy makeup or photo filter. It could be seen that she had some wrinkles near her mouth. Though so, she appeared flawless with her natural look.

After releasing the post, many social media users candidly shared what they noticed have changed in their appearances as they got older. In the comments section of the post, one in particular wrote, "I have smiled so much in my life..from working customer service to just trying my best to be happy and positive..I've got the laugh lines! Eyes, mouth, I've got it all and I will accept it!"

Similarly, another penned, "My nasolabial folds have given my face more definition and character along with the peacock freckles under my eyes. I'm loving it all!" A third confessed, "Me too… and then some. Not feeling them but trying to… thank you for bravely sharing!" Meanwhile, a fourth showered Tyra with praise, "I LOVE that you have not resisted aging with surgeries, etc. You are, as always, STUNNING!!!"

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