Joe Wicks' 'Biggest Challenge Is Phone Addiction'

The 36-year-old fitness coach and TV presenter said that he has been struggling with his phone addiction, saying, 'It wasn't easy unplugging, but it really opened my eyes to just how much I struggle with it .'

AceShowbiz - Joe Wicks is still struggling with his phone addiction. The 36-year-old "Body Coach" says he has to consciously leave his mobile behind when he is at dinner and exercising.

"I think the biggest challenge is phone addiction, so I've really learnt to have better boundaries than that," he told the new issue of Hello! magazine. "So I'm leaving (my phone behind) when I go for dinner, when we go for a bike ride or go to the park."

"I'll leave it in the car. I am at my happiest when I m arranging barbecue, birthdays or staff parties," he continued. "I get a lot of joy from bringing people together. we go away for weekends together with friends - we popped over to Ibiza a few weeks ago. I like doing little things like that when I can."

"I've always loved the idea of having a big family. It's madness but I always see the fun of having your own unit," he said. Joe, who shares two children with wife Rosie, recently confessed, "I'm addicted to my phone. I recently took five days off social media and stayed off my phone as much as possible to really connect with the kids."

"It wasn't easy unplugging, but it really opened my eyes to just how much I struggle with it on a daily basis." Joe also recently shocked fans by revealing his rippling six-pack has gone after getting hooked on biscuits and bacon sandwiches.

Posting a picture of his belly online, he said, "I've been eating chocolate cakes and biscuits every day. Three bacon sandwiches for breakfast, hash browns and beans. It's not very good when I'm the Body Coach, is it?"

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