The 69-year-old former supermodel admits that she's struggling since she used up most of her savings during the COVID-19 outbreak and is now worried about her future.

AceShowbiz - Marie Helvin is considering returning to her native Hawaii and getting a job in a supermarket to ease her financial troubles. Having admitted that she's struggling since she used up most of her savings during the COVID-19 outbreak, the former supermodel is now so worried about her future she's open to the idea of working at U.S. chain Whole Foods just to pay the bills.

Speaking on "The Third Act" podcast, the 69-year-old explains modelling work completely dried up during the pandemic. "The work has been very good up until the pandemic and then it completely stopped," she candidly points out. 

"The fashion industry is getting back on its feet but it has certainly not remembered me in any shape or form," she goes on elaborating. "The older models that seem to work are grey-haired models. I'm either too old or too young looking." 

Marie is still single which has made paying bills harder as she gets older. She goes on to reveal she's "seriously thinking" about returning to Hawaii and would consider getting a job behind the tills.

"What would be nice would be to have help as I get older sharing expenses as I get older…," she adds. "I don't know what I'm going to do. During this pandemic period I used up most of my savings and I'm seriously thinking about going home."

"In America they have less stigma about age with getting jobs. You can get a job at Whole Foods in your 80s in America," she continues sharing her thoughts. "Put it this way, I wouldn't apply to work in Whole Foods here in England. But back home in Hawaii, if I needed to, I'd go there and work."

Marie was previously married to photographer David Bailey but they divorced in 1985. She went on to have a relationship with Mark Shand, who died in 2014, but she has remained single over the last few years.

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