Mel B Backs Charity for Domestic Abuse Against Women

The former Spice Girls member claims that Women's Aid campaign, which aims to change attitudes towards violence, sexism and coercive control, is a cause that hit close to her heart.

AceShowbiz - Mel B (Melanie Brown) is among the stars fronting a new Women's Aid campaign to help stamp out domestic abuse. Backing the charity's "Come Together to End Domestic Abuse" drive which aims to change attitudes towards violence, sexism and coercive control, the former Spice Girls member insisted it's a cause close to her heart.

"I want to ask people to step up and think about what they can do to end domestic abuse, and challenge the attitudes that make people think it is acceptable," she explained. "I know what it is like to experience coercive control, and I can promise you that I will do everything I can on behalf of other survivors who may not be able to safely speak out. "

"I really believe that everyone ... has a role to play in ending abuse, whether it is directly helping people, or by stopping the myths and victim-blaming - and you can do that wherever you are," the 47-year-old singer continued.

She went on to add, "Everyone needs to understand what coercive control is. Only since 2015, when the coercive control law was introduced in England and Wales, are we starting to realize how common it is in abusive relationships. For me, talking about my experiences has meant that I no longer feel guilt and shame, but healing and confidence, because I know I can help others."

The former "America's Got Talent" judge concluded by saying, "I will do everything in my power to bring people together on an issue that couldn't be closer to my heart."

Mel previously accused her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of emotional and physical abuse throughout their relationship, allegations which he has denied. She is a patron of Women's Aid along with actress Dame Julie Walters, who is also backing the campaign.

"There is not a single campaign or single action that will change what the future looks like. It is what we do together that will really make the changes we need," she said of the drive. "I ask everyone to think: is there something I could do, no matter how big or how small, to help create a world where domestic abuse isn't tolerated? I hope we can all step up, speak out and be part of the change that we need to see."

Other stars backing the campaign include Mel B's daughter Phoenix Brown, author Lolo Stubbs, actor Mark Bonnar and Primal Scream star Simone Butler.

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