Jessica Chastain Admits to Seeing 'Seismic' Change for Actresses in Hollywood

Addressing the matter during an interview with PORTER, the 'Dark Phoenix' actress says that she believes actresses are now following 'a different set of rules than 12 years ago.'

AceShowbiz - Jessica Chastain feels she has seen a "seismic" change for actresses in Hollywood. Saying that a dramatic transformation has happened during her time in the film business, the "Dark Phoenix" actress explained to NET-A-PORTER's digital title PORTER that actresses are now following "a different set of rules than 12 years ago."

"I do believe no matter how many people want to force us all to stay in the lanes that we were born into, or that society says we have to stay in, we're moving against that," the 45-year-old actress stated. She further shared her belief that women now have a much stronger voice within the film industry.

In contrast, Chastain admitted in the latest cover story for PORTER she struggled to influence key decisions earlier in her career. She added, "People coming into the industry now have a different set of rules than 12 years ago... you know, in the past I felt like, if I had an idea for a scene, I had to speak to the male actor I was working with - and then, if he liked it, he would bring it up to the director."

The "Molly's Game" actress went on elaborating, "I noticed if I brought things up to a director, it was like an immediate no, not even really having a conversation. "(It was) a silly game that had to be played, which I don't think is the case now."

Chastain has also spoken out about the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to end the constitutional right to abortion. She suggested people in America have lost some sense of perspective on the contentious issue.

The Oscar winner, who has two daughters with husband Giulietta Chastain Passi, added, "I think we need to remind each other what history used to look like for women, because it does feel like that has been forgotten."

Chastain's full interview could be read at PORTER and/or download the NET-A-PORTER app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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