Prince William Joins Homeless 'Big Issue' Vendors, Becomes London's Fast-Selling Vendor

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly joins sellers on the streets of London ahead of appearing in the magazine in an interview by one of its longest-standing salesmen.

AceShowbiz - Prince William has been selling the "Big Issue" alongside homeless vendors. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly joined sellers on the streets of London ahead of appearing in the magazine in an interview by one of its longest-standing salesmen.

Gushing over the royal, veteran vendor Dave Martin, who joined the royal, told The Sun, "William sold more than me. That was to be expected. But he was using my card machine so it didn't matter. So all those sales are recorded as mine anyway. He was a great guy." William is said to have shifted "piles" of the magazine.

Meanwhile,a passer-by who snapped William selling the magazines, Richard Hannant, said, "I wondered if I was in big trouble. I turned around not knowing what was coming… and he was absolutely charming. It was very surreal."

The person added, "In a very upbeat and positive manner he asked me, 'Can I interest you in buying a copy?' I said, 'Yes, of course.' But it was a disaster because looking into my wallet I could see I had no cash. I showed him my empty wallet, trying not to panic. I said, 'I've no cash!' "

"Quick as a flash he whipped out a card machine from his trouser pocket and told me, 'No problem - not to worry!' I didn't ask how much it was, I just tapped my card," he continued.

Actress Laura Michalkevic, who posted a pictured of herself alongside William, dressed down in jeans and wearing the trademark "Big Issue" cap and bib on Thursday, June 09, said on Instagram alongside the image, "Life gave chance to meet Price William in the street of London. Felt excited to meet member of the royal family on mission supporting @thebigissuefoundation. Prince William gave best impression of warm personality, care about ordinary people, it's the great sense. (sic.)"

William shifted all of his copies within an hour, potentially becoming London's fastest-selling Big Issue vendor. The 39-year-old royal, who has three children with wife the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is following in his mom Princess Diana's footsteps by supporting the magazine.

The Sun reported that the future king will be interviewed by Martin in an upcoming edition of the £3 magazine, launched in 1991. A "Big Issue" vendor, which has been around for 11 years, temporarily stopped selling during the pandemic, costing him around £125 a week. His work as an artist took off during the crisis and he had a professional exhibition. But Martin continues to work on the streets as he says he would "miss the people on my pitch."

William was first taken to a homeless shelter by his mother at the age of 11 as she was intent on showing her eldest son and his brother, the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, how privileged they were. Diana, who died in a Paris car smash aged 36 in August 1997, is also said to have snuck out of Kensington Palace to leave coats in bins for homeless people to find.

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