The 36-year-old 'Bloodshot' actress, who is set to take the role of the legendary fashion designer on the upcoming series, shares that she was initially uncertain about taking the gig.

AceShowbiz - Talulah Riley found it "intimidating" playing Dame Vivienne Westwood in "Pistol". As the 36-year-old actress is set to portray the legendary fashion designer in the hotly-anticipated miniseries, she shared that she was uncertain about taking the role because of her lack of fashion knowledge.

When it comes to bringing Vivienne to life on screen, Talulah exclusively told BANG Showbiz at the global premiere of "Pistol" in London's Leicester Square on Monday, May 23, "It was very intimidating. I don't have much of an indication when it comes to fashion so I was not typecast in this situation."

Explaining how she was able to meet with Vivienne before filming started, she said that she was able to get a feel for her performance of Westwood, who was in a relationship with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designed clothing for the iconic band.

"She was kind enough to meet with me before we started filming so I was able to get a feel for her physicality and hear about her experience at the time," the "Bloodshot" star said.

"Pistol" has been embroiled in controversy as lead singer John Lydon took his bandmates to court over the use of the Sex Pistols' music in the show and Talulah hopes he takes the time to watch the programme, which will debut on Disney+ on May 31. She said, "He probably won't watch it. Personally I'm a big fan of Johnny Rotten so I hope that he does."

The series tells the story of the band's rise to prominence during the 1970s and Talulah likened the show to a "period drama" for bringing the past back to life.

She continued, "It was quite funny because I don't think of the 70s as being that long ago really, I was born in the mid-80s so the 70s doesn't seem that long ago. But when we were doing the show and putting on the costumes and the wigs and the cars and the set design it suddenly felt like we were doing a period drama. It reminded me of how quickly things change."

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