Sukihana Labeled 'Disgusting' for Twerking on Young Boy

Aside from the young boy, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami' star, whose real name is Destiny Henderson, features a baby girl in what should have been a PG-13 rated video.

AceShowbiz - Sukihana has come under fire after a video of her twerking on a young boy went viral. A number of Twitter users dragged the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star after noticing the clip, with some of them calling her "disgusting."

In the footage, Sukihana was surrounded by other women who also showed off their twerking skills while she was rapping around the neighborhood. Although it was supposed to be a PG-13 rated video, Sukihana featured some kids, including a baby girl that she cradled while delivering her bars.


Many were enraged upon seeing the video. "So this what we doing now? Sukihana is one the many women who endanger the life of little kids especially young black boys. Why are you twerking on a child?" one person in particular argued.

"Any woman who would have children around music and activities like this is trifling af! Idc! She needs to be arrested. All of them do tbh," the individual further fumed. "There is no way to defend this, at all," another added, with someone else adding, "nahhh the way people hypersexualise black boys when they're young is disgusting and it's rarely spoken about."

The hate didn't stop there. More came forward with one writing, "Sukihana is just a disgusting person all around. Like truly I can't understand why anyone is a fan of hers. Very low class behavior." A different individual echoed the sentiment, "Sukihana definitely disgusting for that video though. There's no excuse." One other person chimed in, "So unnecessary for her to do that. And that boy's parents should not have taken money for appearing in the video."

The said video was uploaded on Sukihana's official YouTube page and titled, "SUKIHANA GET LOW FREESTYLE shot by @officiallegendaryvisions." It is unclear whether the TV personality has noticed the backlash. However, she hasn't issued a statement in response to the criticism.

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