Joe Rogan Dragged for Calling Australians 'F**king Creeps' Over Fake News

In a new episode of his podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', the MMA comedian slams Australian officials for allegedly making it illegal to grow your own food amid COVID-19 lockdown.

AceShowbiz - Joe Rogan was worked up by fake news that Australia or New Zealand banned growing their own food. The podcast host, who previously earned backlash for spreading COVID-19 misinformation on his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience", blasted Australians over the matter.

In a new episode of his podcast, Joe slammed Australian officials, calling them "f**king creeps" for allegedly making it illegal to grow your own food. "I think it was New South Wales. Someone was trying to pass a law that won't allow you to grow your own food," Joe said. He went on to add that one "could justify it if you're a real piece of s**t."

"And they were saying, 'Whoa, you could grow your own food. And what else? The disease was from your food. It infects the population-kills us off. Oh, we can't have that,' " the MMA comedian continued. He noted that it was all about Australia's COVID lockdown protocols that forced "these motherf**kers" to stop "growing their own food."

At one point, Joe's producer Jamie Vernon noted that something was strange about the news as he wasn't able to find anything about this supposed ban. The show's producer then found a Snopes article which stated that the ban was a conspiracy theory and untrue. The host then answered, "Yeah, I can't find it either. Dammit. It better not be fake! It might be fake. But even if it's fake, right, like, the fake is usually the warning."

After the episode aired, the backlash was almost immediate. "WTF @joerogan maybe research some topics before opening your mouth. Just cause ya thunk a thought doesn't mean it's worth hearing. Sucked in the garbage. SISO Sh!t In Sh!t Out Maybe learn from Australia," a Twitter user wrote.

"Spoiler alert: it's fake. This isn't happening in Australia. I watch the news very regularly and I've never seen a peep about this. Joe Rogan is an idiot who spreads lies to a massive audience," someone else said. Another comment read, "what is most disappointing about your fucking insane attack on Australia and Australians is you haven't got a fucking clue you imbecile and you spout BS to your cult. So glad you have been sued. Hope you continue to be sue to bankruptcy. Jerk."

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