Joe Rogan

Not only fans, some celebrities have made use of their social media platforms to show support to the the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor amid Johnny and Amber Heard's feud over the years.

AceShowbiz - Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan has also been vocal in his support for Johnny amid the latter's legal battle against Amber. During an April episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast with his guest Jessica Kirson, Joe slammed the "Aquaman" actress.

"You're seeing all the crazy come out," Joe said of the defamation trial involving Johnny and Amber, who were married for less than two years. "Doug Stanhope knows her. Stanhope's buddies with Johnny Depp. He wrote something, like an essay about how full of s**t she is, and she threatened to sue him, and I think he had to wind up taking it down. I hope I'm not f**king that up. But he knows her well... He's like, 'She's out of her f**king mind,' like a crazy actress...those are real."

Joe continued, "There's something wrong with her. There's something wrong. There's some sort of mental issue."

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