Nicki Minaj Gushes About Being Happy As She Gets Sober

The Trinidadian female rapper, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj says she is loving life as she has moved on from her use of marijuana as a coping mechanism.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj has opened up about her sobriety journey. Taking to social media on Thursday, April 21, the "We Go Up" raptress gushed about being happy as she has moved on from her use of marijuana as a coping mechanism.

"I used to b happy when I was high," the Trinidadian star, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, wrote on Twitter. "Now I'm happy when I'm sober. No judgment to anyone. Be gentle with yourself."

In another post, Nicki explained, "My eyes naturally look like that and ppl always think I'm high when I'm not wearing makeup." She added. "Plus my eyes are naturally gray & I was born in the Caribbean islands of Cuba. The 1st paragraph was true tho."

Nicki also set aside time to reply some messages from her fans on the blue-bird app. When a fan asked, "Baby are you high? @NICKIMINAJ," the mother of one replied, "No, I'm sober and loving life. You?"

In May 2021, Nicki reflected on her past by sharing some of her old mugshot photos on Instagram. "It took me years to be able to look at things like this," she penned in a since-deleted caption. "Criminal possession with the intent to use. I did use it tho."

"This is so inspiring to look back. The girl was leaking blood and spent days in the hospital. The word on the street was that I was gonna b deported. I was so scared. LOL," the 39-year-old went on recalling. "I was 'on the run.' I rlly thought I was in a ghetto movie. I hid my car and went to stay with my Aunt in Brooklyn chile. Bwahahahaaaa. #Growth."

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