Wack 100 Dubbed 'Tasteless' for Claiming He Has Nipsey Hussle's Sex Tape

Wack alleges in a recorded call with Nipsey's former manager Big U that the late rapper was 'paying' another man to have sex with him and his baby mama Lauren London.

AceShowbiz - Wack 100 has once again sparked ire from Nipsey Hussle's fans. The manager of Blueface found himself being dubbed "tasteless" after claiming he has a sex tape involving the late hip-hop star, his baby mama Lauren London and another man.

On Tuesday, April 19, podcast host Hassan Campbell played a recording of Nipsey's former manager Big U and Wack 100 discussing the tape. Hassan alleged that Big U and Wack tried to use it to extort Lauren for 30 percent of the emcee's estate.

In the three-way call, Wack talked about how Nipsey was "fuckin' with a n***a" and claimed he was "saving his career." The former manager of Ray J added, "Yeah, he paying a n***a to f**k his baby mama with him."

The clip was later reposted by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, prompting fans to call Wack out. "Let Nip Rest Peacefully!!! Wack is super wack for this!!!" one individual argued, while another fumed, "You just don't speak on the dead in this way. This is VERY tasteless."

A different user commented, "This man is like the 6ix9ine of old n***as I swear," suggesting the two share similar traits when it comes to speaking on the dead. Someone else opined, "He's dead and baby for what. What is the point of this. I'll never understand being this childish at damn near 50. Sad damn case wack is."

Just around a week prior, Wack accused Kim Kardashian of lying by saying that there's "no second sex tape" of her and Ray J. In a new interview with Clubhouse, he said, "They f**k around and forget about the lie they told, which was [the second tape] doesn't exist."

"So if you know it doesn't exist, why are you saying you got attorneys and you got this to make sure it doesn't come out?" Wack went on elaborating, "If it doesn't exist, why are you [doing this] now?"

Wack believed that the ex-wife of Kanye West purposely made the claim to promote her family's new Hulu show, "The Kardashians". He said, "So now that your new show is coming out, you've gotten so distracted with how you're going to promote your s**t because you really ain't got nothing going on outside of the disrespect you've been directing to your husband with his kids."

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