Nelly Apologizes After 'Old' Oral Sex Video Accidentally Leaked on His Instagram Account

When issuing a sincere apology after the explicit content posted to his own account, the 'Ride Wit Me' hitmaker insists that the clip 'was private and never meant to go public.'

AceShowbiz - Nelly has found himself in the headlines after an uncensored video of him receiving oral sex leaked on his own social media account. The "Ride Wit Me" hitmaker set aside time to offer an apology.

On Tuesday, February 8, the "Just a Dream" rapper issued a statement to TMZ. In it, he said, "I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them." The 47-year-old musician went on to insist that the sexually explicit content "was an old video that was private and never meant to go public."

Nelly's team also told the outlet that they believe his account was hacked. They're currently investigating the breach to make sure that other personal information and documents aren't taken.

In the said clip, Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., was not visible as he was receiving oral sex from a woman. However, the "Dilemma" rapper could be heard moaning in the background.

Nelly became trending on Twitter after the footage, which spanned less than a minute, garnered a bunch of responses from social media users. One person shared a GIF of Drake showing a lack of interest in a smartphone video, writing, "Me scrolling Twitter looking for this Nelly video yall talking about."

Another user referred to Nelly's 2002 hit "Hot in Herre", saying, "Now Nelly it sounds like it was gettin real hot in that video," along with three laughing emojis. A separate Twitter user chimed in, "Reminder that the woman in the Nelly video didn't give consent for the video to be shared, so maybe don't share it."

Prior to this, Nelly made headlines after he criticized Madonna's racy photos that saw her donning lingerie. In the comment section of the 63-year-old star's post, the rapper penned that "some things should be covered up."

However, Nelly's remarks were not taken well by her fans. One fan defended Madonna, writing, "All of these negative comments are f**king disgusting. Like do you hear yourselves? It's 2022. This is a 63-year-old woman who is literally more successful than all of you and has enough life experience to make her own decisions when it comes to her image."

"Y'all should really be looking at YOURSELVES and asking why the f**k u tryna cyber bully this person for the way she looks?" another wrote to Nelly. "It's gross and giving boomer energy. @nelly this message is for you too."

A third accused Nelly of being a hypocrite considering his explicit lyrics. "If a writer of songs like 'shake ya tailfeather' and 'it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes' gets triggered by Madonna's a** photoshoot, just know dude, we're laughing at your hypocritical BS," the said person commented, "Don't sing about girls getting naked, then criticize it. Petty."

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