Jordyn Woods Shows Off Flat Tummy as She Responds to Pregnancy Speculation

The former reality TV star sparks the speculation that she may be expecting her first child after she posted on Instagram a picture of her holding what appeared to be a baby Nike shoe box.

AceShowbiz - Jordyn Woods is not ready for a baby just yet. The former "Life of Kylie" star has quickly set the record straight after she was hit with pregnancy speculation following her recent social media post.

The social media personality took a time to address the swirling rumors during a Q&A with her fans on Wednesday, January 26. When one follower asked, "Are you preggy [curious eyes emojis] that shoe box," she flatly denied it by showing off her flat tummy.

"It was a gift card box and no I don't want kids right now nor I am pregnant," she responded in reference to the image of a small shoe box that she shared earlier and was mentioned by the curious fan.

Jordyn, who flaunted her taut abs in the selfie featuring her rocking her workout ensemble, also addressed her baggy clothes in her recent photos. "I've been wearing baggy clothes because it's cold AF!!! Minnesota was -4," she explained. "Also I'm always cold AF regardless that's why I'm trying to get my iron up."

Jordyn Woods' IG Story

Jordyn Woods responded to pregnancy speculation.

Jordyn sparked the pregnancy speculation after she posted earlier on Wednesday a series of pictures from Portland, Oregon. In one of the snaps, she showed what appeared to be a baby Nike shoe box.

The picture led to the pregnancy chatter. "That box," one person pointed out. Another curious fan wrote in the comment section, "Omg that tiny box got me." A third asked, "Are those baby shoes?"

Someone similarly inquired, "Wait. Who are the small Nike shoes for?" while another was more straight as asking, "Baby??" Another shared the same speculation, "I sense a baby is coming."

Jordyn, meanwhile, responded to the fans' questions in the comment, "Trust me If I was that would not be the way I would tell y'all. I thought it was cute because it was so little. It's a gift card box."

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