According to her younger brother Tommy Williams Jr., 'The Wendy Williams Show' host is currently 'doing great' when she visits him in Miami, Florida amid her health woes.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has resurfaced in a rare outing in Miami, Florida. The daytime diva was seen visiting her brother Tommy Williams Jr. amid her long hiatus from her show, "The Wendy Williams Show".

In photos obtained by The Sun, the talk show queen was spotted wearing a bright red robe and a pair of reading glasses while visiting her younger sibling on Sunday, January 23. The 57-year-old ailing host also let loose her long hair.

According to Tommy, who posted about Wendy's visit in a Facebook group, his famous sister is "doing great" amid her physical and mental issues. Tommy went on to note that he was with the TV hostess on Sunday.

Last November, Tommy stressed that he's fully confident his older sibling's "not finished." He went on saying, "I'm on the outside looking in just like you all. She's not gone folks, she is just recalibration go. If Wendy weren't doing well, I wouldn't be sitting here smiling."

As Wendy hasn't made any appearance on the show since the daytime talk show's season 13 premiered last October, many fans urged the show's production team to give any update about Wendy. "Why won't anyone tell us when Wendy Williams is returning? Enough of these co-hosts already!!" one fan fumed. "Where Wendy Williams? want her back," a separate fan wrote on social media, while a third accused the TV personality of "letting her fans down" as she's "staying silent" about her condition.

In the meantime, Wendy's representative has assured her fans that Wendy will make a comeback someday, shutting down all reports claiming that she'll "never return" to her iconic purple chair. The spokesperson also slammed the "inaccurate" stories about Wendy's health issues, including rumors about her losing her "spark," "barely functioning," as well as battling dementia.

Wendy, who once allegedly stripped naked and sexually touched herself when filming her show at home before being hospitalized for "psychiatric issues," was previously seen in her son Kevin Hunter Jr.'s social media post. In a boomerang clip posted by Kevin earlier this month, the TV hostess, who wore a white hoodie and a pair of Daisy Dukes, appeared healthy as she had a plate full of healthy salad as well as a glass of fresh-pressed juice.

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