Kendall Jenner Insists She Had Bride's Approval to Wear 'Disrespectful' Dress to the Wedding

Breaking her silence on her choice of clothing for her best friend's wedding, the former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star explains that she and the bride 'love a beach wedding.'

AceShowbiz - Kendall Jenner has broken her silence on the controversial skin-showing dress she wore to her friend's wedding. Defending herself, the former star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" insisted that she had the bride's stamp of approval to wear that gown.

The happy bride, Lauren Perez, reposted a series of photos from her wedding to her Instagram account earlier this month. In the caption, she wrote, "The greatest night of 2021! Happy New Year everyone!"

In a few snaps, Kendall drew criticism from followers, including one who commented, "Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner, I'm embarrassed for you. #cringe." Another follower responded to the said person's comment, writing, "If the bride herself doesn't [give] a f**k, why do you care, relax?" to which Lauren agreed, adding, "Tell 'em! SHE LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!"

After Lauren chimed in, Kendall herself replied, "@laurenperez obvi asked for your approval in advance too." The 26-year-old supermodel went on to note that she and Lauren "love a beach wedding."

Last November, Kendall faced heavy criticism for her choice of clothing. The catwalk beauty, who was a bridesmaid at the Florida wedding of her best friend, wore a black dress from Monot's SS22 collection, which featured diamond-shaped cut-outs and left her midriff bare.

"It's the etiquette/manners/courtesy aspect of wearing this dress to SOMEONE ELSE'S WEDDING," a social media user criticized via Twitter at the time. The critic then accused Kendall of drawing attention away from the bride as saying, "Like, in no way are we shaming Kendall's look at all, it's just...everyone knows the focus of a wedding day should be the bride and groom, not the guests."

One person went on to say that Kendall was "blatantly disrespectful to the bride." Another added, "I'm sorry but kendall wearing that dress to someone else's wedding (!!) is the most pick me s**t i've maybe ever seen. This is so tacky and rude, kinda feels like she wanted more attention than the bride."

A separate social media user tweeted, "Imagine Kendall Jenner wearing this to your wedding," adding crying face emojis. In the meantime, another claimed that "Kendall Jenner really said F you to her best friend on her wedding day."

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