Brittany Daniel Can't 'Be More Grateful' to Cynthia After Welcoming Baby Using Her Twin Sister's Egg

The first-time mom, who welcomed baby daughter Hope Rose Touni via surrogate, credits her identical twin sibling for helping her make her dream of becoming a mom come true.

AceShowbiz - Brittany Daniel and Cynthia Daniel have always been inseparable since they were born as identical twins. Brittany, who recently welcomed her first child, has credited Cynthia for helping her make her dream of becoming a mom come true with her twin sister's donor eggs.

On Wednesday, January 5, the first-time mom took to her Instagram account to praise her twin sibling. "My sister @cynhauser helped make my dream come true of becoming a mom. My husband @adam.touni and I couldn't be more grateful to you sis," she wrote alongside a photo of the two with the newborn baby. "You're and [sic] angel."

In an interview with PEOPLE, Brittany revealed that she welcomed her daughter Hope Rose Touni with the help of Cynthia's donor eggs. After going through chemotherapy in 2011 for her stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Brittany thought she "had a new lease on life." The "Sweet Valley High" alum said, "I was ready to find a partner and have a child." However, doctors told her that she was unlikely to be able to carry a baby without some help.

"I thought I might have to wrap my head around not being a mum in this lifetime," Brittany told the outlet, "I fought so hard to get there, and I was so scared it wasn't going to happen." Brittany then decided to ask Cynthia for her eggs. Her sister and brother-in-law reportedly "didn't hesitate" to help Brittany out. "Words cannot express how grateful I am to her," Brittany added.

As for Cynthia, she believed that giving her egg was "a simple gift" she could give to Brittany. "I saw it as such a simple gift I could give to her," the "That '80s Show" star shared. "I know Brittany would do it in a split second for me. And we've always shared everything, so why not this?" Brittany then chimed in, "We are so intertwined," before adding, "Everything that's hers is mine and everything that's mine is hers."

Of meeting her daughter for the first time, Brittany unveiled that she "just let out this primal cry." The doting mom continued remembering the emotional moment, "The entire room was bawling because they just all knew what we had been through."

Cynthia, who met her niece for the first time in December following a negative COVID-19 test result and self-quarantine, said that she "wasn't sure how [she] was going to feel at first, what emotions would come up." Though so, she noted that she "felt like the aunt," pointing out that it's "really special."

Brittany first divulged that she welcomed her daughter Hope via surrogacy in October last year. Underneath a sweet photo that saw her posing alongside her husband Adam Touni, who held the newborn baby girl, she penned, "Meet our baby girl Hope Rose Touni. Our hearts are bursting with joy."

"It's been a long road to get here but we always remained hopeful that we would one day become parents," Brittany continued. She then expressed her gratitude to her husband, "Thank you @adam.touni for being an unbelievably supportive partner and now dad. Thank you to our surrogate who carried our baby so beautifully." She concluded her post, "Hope, we love witnessing who you are, just as you are. We love you!"

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