Priyanka Chopra Terrified of Not Being Able to Meet Nick Jonas During Long-Distance Marriage

In a new interview, 'The White Tiger' actress reveals how she and the Jonas Brothers member manage a 'hard' year of being away from each other as they have to work overseas.

AceShowbiz - Priyanka Chopra has opened up about marriage difficulties she recently faced. In a new interview, the "Baywatch" actress revealed that she's terrified of not being able to meet Nick Jonas during their long-distance marriage.

In the Tuesday, November 30 episode of the "Ladies First With Laura Brown" podcast, the 39-year-old actress admitted that it was "hard" for her and her husband to have a long-distance marriage due to their work schedules and COVID-19 pandemic. "This year has been really tough. It was really, really tough to be away from home for an entire year, especially at a time when you can't travel to see your family," she said, adding, "I was just alone."

"Just the uncertainty of my mom and my brother being in India, my husband being in America while I was in the U.K.," Priyanka added. "The White Tiger" actress went on to say there was too much uncertainty that made her "terrified" of not being able to just get on a flight and travel when something went wrong or something happened. She continued, "But thankfully, you know, everyone was okay."

Priyanka shared that when she and Nick would see each other, they would have to quarantine before and after seeing each other. "It was tricky but we managed," she said. "He flew down a bunch of times, I flew down a couple of times. My mom came and stayed with me for almost five months, which was really nice."

"[Nick and I] didn't have a dramatic separation but because he was in and out, we had to be really careful. He had to quarantine, I had to quarantine whenever we saw each other at that time," Priyanka told the listeners. She explained, "And that's usually not conducive to a production schedule because you don't really have much time. You have, like, two days off."

Priyanka further elaborated that she and the Jonas Brothers member both have a deep understanding of their careers and goals, making sure they are always on the same page. "We talk all the time. We know each other's hearts. We prioritize each other in everything that we do," she expressed.

"We've had individual careers and we're both very clear about never interfering in each other's professional lives because we're always partners and assets," Priyanka added. She also noted that she and Nick have an opinion on each other's things, but those decisions "are predominantly for both of us to take, because we've built our careers by ourselves for such a long time."

"It's very important to keep a check on the other person's heart. And how they're feeling, and prioritizing that," so said Priyanka. The "We Can Be Heroes" actress then praised Nick, "I have to say, my husband's amazing at doing that."

Priyanka, who recently sparked divorce rumors after removing her married name from her social media platforms, confessed, "Like I said, this year was hard for me being in London." She went on to gush over her husband, "[Nick] would just drop everything, come in for even like a day, just to have dinner with me and fly back. Stuff like that, you just have to prioritize each other and then everything feels right."

Priyanka is currently in London with Nick as she's filming her upcoming series "Citadel". The married couple recently attended the 2021 Fashion Awards on Monday, November 29, during which they cuddled up to each other on the red carpet. They were named the British Fashion Council's Ambassador for Positive Change.

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