Frank Ocean Remembers 'Hero' Virgil Abloh With Story About Late Teen Brother

Sharing his own related tragic story in the wake of the Louis Vuitton designer's passing, the 'Godspeed' hitmaker recalls how 18-year-old Ryan really looked up to the former.

AceShowbiz - Singer/songwriter Frank Ocean has thanked late fashion star Virgil Abloh for encouraging his teenage brother's design dreams.

The Louis Vuitton designer died on Sunday, November 28, aged only 41, and the "Godspeed" hitmaker is sharing his own related tragic story - Ocean's 18-year-old brother Ryan died in a car crash last year (2020), and really looked up to Abloh.

"When Ryan went to his prom you got him some pieces from your new collection at LV (Louis Vuitton) and he was GEEKed. Couldn't get him to take it off," Frank wrote.

He explained Ryan hoped to become a fashion designer, just like Virgil. "When my brother passed I never said anything because it was way too much but he loved you and really looked up to you. He was going to fashion school and everything. He wanted to be a designer."

Ocean also praised Abloh for his unflagging "enthusiasm" and "encouragement."

"In 2018 I believe it was I called V (Virgil) and asked him how it was possible to play hundreds of shows a year and do numerous fashion collections a year and be a father and a husband and return EVERYONE's texts with enthusiasm and emojis and encouragement and seemingly... with ease," he penned.

"I cannot remember how he responded verbatim but I'm sure it was quotable whatever he said. He was always quotable. But the gist of his response was that he was interested in living and living to the maximum extent of his level... which proved to be Impossible today because he was BEYOND."

Frank closed by calling Abloh a "hero". He noted, "My fam (family) was proud of you like you were our family. I know grief is love that you don't get to express so is an attempt at expressing it. Love you V. You're a hero."

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