Heather Rae Young Explains She Didn't Invite Christine Quinn to Her Wedding Because of Trust Issue

Heather and Tarek's beef with Christine starts after the latter jokingly dubs the couple 'Speidi' after Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of MTV's 'The Hills'.

AceShowbiz - Heather Rae Young finally revealed the reason why her "Selling Sunset" co-star Christine Quinn wasn't invited to her wedding to Tarek El Moussa. In a new interview, Heather shared that it had something to do with trust.

"She did not get an invite to the wedding," the 34-year-old told Page Six. "I am big on loyalty, I'm big on friendships and trust, and I do not trust her. I don't think she's a loyal person."

Heather went on to say that she will "work with [Christine] professionally" at the Oppenheim Group. However, she stressed that she had "no interest in the friendship" outside of work.

Heather and Tarek's beef with Christine started after the "How to Be a Boss B***h" author jokingly dubbed the couple "Speidi" after Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of MTV's "The Hills".

Of her comment, Christine previously shared, "It's really funny to see Heather's relationship play out because her and her boyfriend have such an interesting dynamic." She added, "I call them 'Speidi' all the time because it's like articles all the time about baking cookies, you know, watching movies. It's ridiculous, so you know, you're going to see the girls and I just get so tired of it."

Heather and Christine reignited their feud in season 4 of "Selling Sunset". The former stormed out of a party after the latter brought up in a few episodes that they once dated the same guy.

"Christine decided to share my personal business, which has nothing to do with her and me," Heather said of the moment to the news outlet in the new interview. "I think it’s disrespectful to do to someone and uncalled for, and, like I said, it’s so irrelevant in my life."

She continued, "At the time I was getting married, so I just think she did something very disrespectful."

Despite that, Heather claimed she tried to remain "neutral" amid Christine's beefs with other co-stars including Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause. "I had to kind of cut her out because at some point all this negativity and toxicity, it's just not healthy," Heather explained. "So I'm in the most amazing place in my life that I've ever been, and I only want people that are going to be positive and uplifting and support me."

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