James Corden Stunned by 'Extreme' Backlash Caused by BTS Jokes

When the K-pop boyband make an appearance on his show, 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' host talks about how he has been since landing 'in some hot water with ARMYs.'

AceShowbiz - James Corden was stunned to face backlash from BTS (Bangtan Boys) fans following their recent interview. The Brit landed himself in hot water after he joked about how the group were "pretty unusual visitors" for the UN Summit and described their fanbase as "15-year-old girls"

During the K-pop boyband's appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden", he opened up on the backlash, after the group asked how he's been since being "in some hot water with ARMYs [sic]."

"We did two jokes, which I didn't think were in any way offensive to anybody," he explained, clarifying he believes the age comment was "where I think it was wrong" and that it "of course, isn't true."

"We said - and this was where I think it was wrong - we said that your fans were 15-year-old girls, which, of course, isn't true, because I'm 43-years-old," he recalled.

James went on to insist he considers himself "one of the biggest BTS fans on planet Earth."

On how he learned about the backlash, James spilled, "I was like, 'Well, someone's just told me that they hope I die today,' which did feel extreme. It did feel extreme in response to what I thought were two quite harmless jokes, which we never wanted to be at anyone's expense."

"I hope you know this, we absolutely love you and we love the entire ARMY," the host said. "The prospect of doing anything that may have upset them, I didn't enjoy that feeling and I hope they know that we would never do that again."

Singer RM assured James that the group didn't take offence to the comments, saying, "It's alright, we appreciate your apology."

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