Benedict Cumberbatch Praises 'Louis Wain' Co-Star Nick Cave as 'Coolest Man in the World'
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Though he doesn't share any scenes with the 'Red Right Hand' rocker in 'The Electrical Life of Louis Wain', the 'Doctor Strange' star makes sure he watched the latter's first scene shooting.

AceShowbiz - Benedict Cumberbatch was thrilled to work with Australian singer and actor Nick Cave in his new film "The Electrical Life of Louis Wain" because he's a massive fan.

The "Doctor Strange" star doesn't share any scenes with the "Red Right Hand" rocker, who plays American sci-fi author H.G. Wells in the new Victorian-era Amazon Prime movie, but he made sure he was on set to watch Cave shoot his first scene.

"He's the coolest man in the world. I worship him," Benedict told, admitting he was flattered when Nick asked him to rate his performance.

"Nick came up to me afterwards and asked 'Is this alriiiiight? I don't really know what I'm doinggg,' " he shared. "I just told him to be himself. He's Nick Cave in the film. He's saying H.G. Wells' words but it's Nick Cave really."

Meanwhile, Cumberbatch wouldn't mind playing someone like his music idol in a biopic, but admitted it's an unlikely prospect. "There are some rock stars I'd like to play," he explained. "But I don't think it'll happen and I'm not going to say who. You'll have to guess."

Benedict, who's attracting huge awards buzz for upcoming film "The Power of the Dog", also admitted he's always loved music and was big into Britpop when bands like Blur and Oasis were battling it out on the U.K. charts.

"I was a rebellious teenager. It was the middle of Britpop. So I was definitely part of the 'Blur or Oasis?' thing," he told the British music outlet.

And while studying drama at England's Manchester University, he was a regular at the city's techno clubs. "I was very, very into techno for a long time. That was my bag at uni. I went clubbing a lot and all sorts of nonsense ensued..," he admitted. "I just loved dancing. I still do."

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