The Bluetones' Mark Morriss Called 'Serial Predator' as Ex-wife Accuses Him of Abuse

The lead vocalist of The Bluestones has been named and shamed by his former wife in a shocking blog post as he's labeled 'a narcissistic, pathological liar and serial predator.'

AceShowbiz - The Bluetones frontman Mark Morriss has denied claims of abuse from his ex-wife after she called him a "serial predator" in a blog post.

Newspaper executive Anna Wharton alleges the "Slight Return" singer put her through hell with his abuse and cheating in the post, titled "If I'm Lying, Come Sue Me".

She writes, "I have often talked on here, or on Twitter of my abusive ex-husband, though I have never named him. I am aware, it is not difficult to put us together though. But I have a particularly important reason for naming him now: to protect other women."

"For too long, he has relied on telling people that I am crazy, and lying about me. He has been gaslighting women to believe what he wanted them to, convincing them not to put the dots together and realise what a narcissistic, pathological liar and serial predator he is."

She claims Morriss told her to have an abortion when she became pregnant in 2011 and "made up terrible things about me, telling his mum that I tricked him into pregnancy, telling others I was bipolar, that I was a liar so I would never be believed."

She alleges he cheated on her with fans he met at gigs, adding, "He told them we had broken up. He told them this whole 'she tricked me' line to get sympathy. Or himpathy, a new word I learnt the other day. Six weeks after we got married he was in bed with another fan."

One fan backs Wharton's story in the blog post, stating, "I was involved with your ex, only for a few weeks, a number of years ago. I remember him telling me that he had a baby daughter with his ex so that might help work out chronology. Embarrassingly, I was one of these women who got chatting to him at one of his gigs and was a bit flattered by the attention since I was a 'fan.' "

"I feel quite ashamed about that now. Whilst thankfully I never saw any physically threatening behaviour from him, I definitely did feel like his behaviour was odd and a bit manipulative at times and it did leave me feeling pretty s**t about myself and left me with just a little bit more evidence that I end up being attracted to men who aren't very respectful to me."

Morriss has responded to the claims, telling in a statement, "I completely refute all the allegations of abuse which have been raised in this article."

The blog post also features anecdotes from a number of women who claim they had relationships with Morriss. In a tweet posted alongside the article, Wharton is pictured with two women she mentions in the piece.

"These women will be fine eventually," she writes. "They are strong, intelligent, beautiful, and they will move on once their hearts have healed and hopefully they will trust again. Because this guy is a one off, a malignant narcissist, I know most other men are not predators like him. He works in an industry that is complicit in the abuse of women, his band members, the fans - especially the female fans - they know what Mark is like. Those who haven't questioned his narrative have enabled him in his abuse of women."

The drama could impact the future of Morriss' current group, The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost, with bandmate Billy Reeves releasing a statement via Facebook, which reads, "I've been made aware, this morning of the blog post by Mark's ex-partner about his behaviour. This is obviously very serious. The future, if there is one, of The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost shows will be made clear in due course."

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