Rod Stewart Expresses Worry Over Wife Penny Lancaster's Police Work

The former model wife of the 'Sailing' hitmaker makes a career move and becomes a special constable in real life after appearing on U.K.'s 'Famous and Fighting Crime' in 2019.

AceShowbiz - Rod Stewart is terrified about anything happening to wife Penny Lancaster as she works as a beat cop. The former model made the career move after appearing on U.K. TV show "Famous and Fighting Crime" in 2019, and attended training to become a special constable in real life.

But for Rod, his spouse's latest professional development is the cause of late night anxiety, as he constantly worries she won't make it home. "A year ago she did a celebrity TV appearance with the police," he said, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

"She actually got attacked by a drug addict with a needle once - who thankfully missed. But she said: 'I love this and I really want to do this,' which is a bit worrying for me. I am at home in bed thinking: 'God, well I hope she is OK.' "

Rod said people often recognize the "Loose Women" panellist while she's making her rounds, shouting, "That Rod's wife! 'Ello Penny, how you doin'?"

However, she previously revealed she's been in some life-threatening situations, telling her co-hosts on the daytime TV show, "There was a lady who I was chasing, a possible theft from a shop. When she slowed down, I realized she was a drug addict. Literally frothing at the mouth, dark circles, shaking."

"As I approached her, she threatened me with her needle. At that point I was terrified, yes, I was terrified."

In another interview with "Good Morning Britain", Penny insisted that Rod he had never tried to talk her out of her police work. "Not at all," she stated. "It is dangerous, but the police are the public, the public are the police. There's women and men alike - brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, we're just regular people but we put that uniform on to help protect."

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