Kris Jenner Is Not in 'Crisis Mode' Despite Kylie's Products Being Ditched After Astroworld Tragedy

After being reported that the momager is 'figuring out' how to handle her daughter's 'millions' losses from her beauty lines after the deadly festival, her rep denies the claims as saying, 'it's incorrect.'

AceShowbiz - Kris Jenner is apparently fine despite Kylie Jenner's beauty products being tossed in the trash by customers following Travis Scott (II)'s Astroworld Festival tragedy. According to her representative, the momager is not in "crisis mode."

On Wednesday, November 10, the spokesperson for the 66-year-old told The Sun that any information claiming that she's in jeopardy following the deadly festival "is incorrect." Previously, a source close to the reality TV family told the publication that Kylie may be losing "millions of dollars."

"Kylie feels the weight of this and more than anything wants to do right by the victims. I know people do not think she cares but she really does," the source spilled. "At the same time, she's a businesswoman responsible for the livelihood of a lot of people."

The informant went on to note that Kylie "feels like she's in a lose-lose situation because she wants to take time to respect the victims from Astroworld." The insider said that "at the same time, she employs a lot of people."

"The longer her companies go without being active on social media or promotion, the more sales go down and the less they make from marketing," the so-called inside source added. "We're talking potentially millions of dollars in losses."

The source claimed Kylie "is cautious" about how to move forward with her brand, "She feels a responsibility as a brand founder but she also knows the second they do post something business related, people will be upset she's 'moved on' and doing self-promotion after this tragedy." The insider noted, "So she does feel that lose-lose in a sense."

"[Kylie] is working closely with her mom, as both her manager but she's also leaning on for emotional support," the source explained. "Kris is in crisis mode and still figuring out how to handle this best."

Following the tragic Astroworld Festival, Kylie released a statement via Instagram. "Travis and I are broken and devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives, were injured or affected in anyway by yesterday's events. And also for Travis who I know cares deeply for his fans and the Houston community," she wrote after deleting a video from the festival on her Instagram Story.

However, various TikTok users made it clear that they're done with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum as they filmed themselves throwing out her Kylie Cosmetics products. One person, known as @sarahkaye75 on TikTok, shared a clip of herself holding up a Kylie Cosmetics palette before throwing it in the trash. "Me after watching Kylie post videos on her story of ambulances while people dying. Girl bye," she wrote over the clip.

Another creator, named @Abbyvadies, also shared a similar video with the same audio, urging Kylie and Travis to "do better." In the comment section, a TikTok user wrote, "I unfollowed her and Travis and deleted all of his music. I won't support them... they don't support their fans or care."

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