Bow Wow Calls a Son He Tried to Disown a 'Blessing' After Court Ruling

The 'Let Me Hold You' rapper appears to backtrack on his own previous denial that he fathers a son after court confirmed that he is the father of a baby boy named Stone Kamin.

AceShowbiz - Bow Wow has now fully embraced his role as a father of two. The rapper, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, has called a son he previously tried to disown a "blessing" after court confirmed that he is the father of the baby boy named Stone Kamin.

On Saturday, October 23, the 34-year-old star responded to the court ruling about the paternity of the little boy. Writing underneath The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram post about the news, he gushed, "Such a blessing to have him in my life" with a heart emoji.

The same blog previously unveiled a court document which states, "It is the Judgment of this Court that the Child of the parties, STONE KAMIN ('Child') born in 2020 is hereby declared to be the legitimate son of Respondent, Shad Moss, capable of inheriting from Respondent in the same manner as if born in lawful wedlock." It continues to rule, "The Child shall hereafter be known as STONE MOSS and the Department of Vital Statistics shall show the Child's birth certificate to include Respondent as father."

Bow Wow first revealed that he is a father of two in September 2020. It was later revealed that the mother of the child is a model named Olivia Sky.

In January this year, Olivia complained about absent parents. While she didn't name the "F9" star, many believed she took a jab at her baby daddy.

Later in September, Bow Wow seemed to deny that he has a son. When a fan asked him on Twitter about Stone, he responded with "Huh" and "NP - Billie Jean." He also said his major accomplishment was "being a father to shai," his 10-year-old daughter Shai Moss whom he shares with Joie Chavis.

It's not clear why Bow Wow tried to disown his second child, but it was speculated that it's because Olivia took him to court for child support. According to Peach Court website, the case was initiated on September 17, which is the same day Bow Wow was posting the tweets.

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