Emilia Clarke Inspired to Do More of Seizing the Moment Due to COVID Pandemic

When asked what she would like to achieve in 2022, the former 'Game of Thrones' star admits that she has never experienced just popping on a train and traveling wherever.

AceShowbiz - Emilia Clarke wants to "seize the moment" more. The former "Game of Thrones" star admitted the coronavirus pandemic has made her want to travel more, "wherever and whenever," because she wishes she'd taken advantage of the easy transport in her home city of London in the years before lockdown and restrictions.

Asked what she'd like to achieve next year (2022), she told Britain's Marie Claire magazine, "I want to do the jobs that I had planned. We're meant to be finishing 'The Seagull' next summer. And also the two films that were postponed."

"I also just want to travel - wherever and whenever. Living in London, we could just pop on a train and go to Paris. But I never did that. I don't know anyone who ever did that. Now I want to do that more than anything."

"I want to call someone and say, 'Are you free this weekend? Shall we just book a f**king £10 flight to Croatia?' It's about seizing the moment, that that right now feels impossible. Why didn't we do that more before?!"

Weeks earlier, in an interview with PEOPLE, Emilia admitted that she "didn't have a carpe diem 'seize the moment' situation" when she suffered brain hemorrhages. "It didn't happen for me," she said. "I just got very scared of dying, ironically."

"What the f**k is wrong with ageing? What are the two truths in life? Taxes and death. It's happening," she went on sharing why she now doesn't feel negatively about ageing. "Getting older is a guarantee. I think the women who look most beautiful are the women who don't look younger."

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