Paulina Rubio Becomes Better Person Due to Pandemic

The 'Yo Soy (I Am)' singer counts her blessings as she reflects on the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on her life, saying she feels stronger because of the world crisis.

AceShowbiz - The COVID-19 pandemic has made Paulina Rubio a "better human being."

The Latin, who recently inked a new record deal with Sony Music, opened up to Billboard about her new single "Yo Soy (I Am)" and the impact the coronavirus situation has had on her life.

"I believe after the pandemic, I am a survivor," she explained. "When we used to turn the TV on, at one point I thought it was the end of the world, the end of music, the end of the universe! I passed through so many different feelings during the pandemic. We couldn't even hug anybody! First, I was trying to be thankful every morning and counting our blessings."

"In Spain, my stepfather was in a hospital for three months, close friends died, so I feel a survivor. I feel stronger than ever. Whoever says the pandemic didn't change them, is lying. I feel I'm a better human being than I was before."

Paulina also used the pandemic to teach herself something new and she's discovered the power of cooking.

"We spent 18 months pretty much in our house," she said of her time spent with sons Eros and Andrea during the lockdown. "Luckily it's a very open house. We ate a lot. We spoiled ourselves. We had reading sessions, my mum and I, with the children. We did everything during this pandemic."

"I learned how to cook, and it's something so similar to painting or doing a song. You start seasoning a dish and it's so personal."

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