Halsey Accused of 'Humiliating' Stripper for Using Club's Stage to Promote Single 'Nightmare'

The 'Without Me' hitmaker is called out by a Los Angeles-based stripper, Honey Lestrange, who insists that the singer 'owes' her 'some money' in a viral TikTok video.

AceShowbiz - Halsey is called out by Honey Lestrange. The "Without Me" hitmaker was accused of "humiliating" the Los Angeles-based stripper after they used the club's stage to promote their single "Nightmare" in a viral TikTok video.

In the clip that has since garnered more than 515,000 views and over 70,000 likes, Honey said, "It was the most humiliating experience of my life -- at least in public." The stripper added that the 27-year-old singer "technically owes [her] some money."

Offering more details, Honey recalled a moment when Halsey "specifically requested" all of Cheetahs' 40 strippers to be present at the promotional event back in 2019. All of the women were reportedly invited to perform, but as the club's stage was small, Honey said she had to wait in line "forever" behind her co-workers before she had a chance to get up and do her routine.

When Honey finally hit the stage at around 1:40 A.M., she admitted to feeling "so pumped" because the customers had been tipping generously all night. She added, "I walked on stage thinking, 'Wow, I'm gonna be able to pay my rent on time.' "

However, just seconds before Honey's performance ended, a manager ordered her off the stage because Halsey wanted to get up and sing their songs. Customers then stopped tipping her and left the venue when Halsey's set ended, assuming that the evening was over.

"I got pity-tipped $20 by people who were looking at me like a sad f**king puppy," Honey claimed, saying she went home almost empty-handed at the end of the night. In the caption, she expressed her anger as saying, "Never ever pull anyone off the stage. You can f**king wait. Disrespectful." She added, "You know what you did. My Venmo [handle] is in my bio."

In the comment section, however, many criticized Honey for blaming Halsey. "So you're mad at the VENUE not paying you? It's not the artist's job to pay the employees. I really don't get this at all," one wrote, while another added, "Not that big deal. She wasn't directly rude to you. It was past 1am and she wanted to go on. Not personal, she paid to do what she wanted."

"That's more your manager's fault than halsey's my guy," a third blamed Honey's manager. A fourth chimed in, "I'm very sorry you lost money and absolutely deserved to have your time to work respected, but I honestly don't understand how this is halsey's fault?"

After facing criticisms, Honey explained, "I'm a dancer and I make my money on stage only. Halsey saw me on stage and still decided she couldn't wait 3 mins for me to be done so I lost out on $." She further clarified, "Yes my manager is also at fault. However, she was the one calling the shots that night."

Honey went on saying that "dancers are replaceable props to management." She continued pointing out that "Halsey should have known better as a performer. Even if she asked for only 12 of us."

"I was kicked off stage for her to perform at her request. That's literally the only thing that matters! Your $tipper hate means nothing here," Honey added. She then concluded her statement, "She's a performer. She knows better and can still make this right. Even acknowledging how hurtful that was is a start. Also please!!! If any guests from that night saw this happen and felt bad."

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