Brody Dalle Enters Not Guilty Plea to Josh Homme's Claims of Custody Agreement Violation
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The Distillers founder has been at odds with her ex-husband who wanted her to face fines and serve time behind bars for 'alienating' him from their children with her domestic violence accusations.

AceShowbiz - Punk star Brody Dalle has pleaded not guilty to contempt in her child custody battle with ex-husband Josh Homme.

The former couple faced off in court on Wednesday, October 13 as Dalle responded to claims from the Queens of the Stone Age frontman that she had violated a custody agreement by not allowing him to see their kids.

Homme alleged her actions are "alienating" him from the children, and he wants her to face fines and even serve time behind bars. His ex-wife has accused the rocker of domestic violence and being a danger to all three of their kids.

The judge handling the case is considering appointing a court monitor to evaluate the situation, beginning on Friday, October 15, when Homme is scheduled to resume his custodial time with the couple's two young sons, according to TMZ.

Dalle previously filed restraining order petitions on behalf of the boys, who claimed they were scared of their father. The orders were not granted on an emergency basis and Homme was given permission to speak to his two sons over the phone.

However, at the end of September, a California judge ruled that Homme will be required to keep at least 100 yards away from his 15-year-old daughter, Camille, who backed up her brothers' claims that Josh abuses them physically and emotionally, while making threats about their mother and her boyfriend.

"My DVRO [domestic violence restraining order] isn't fake and was NOT written by my Mom! It's a means to an end. Everything in there is something I SAW, EXPERIENCED, and HEARD and is 100% true," Camille insisted to TMZ through a representative. "To deny that is to deny the human right of free speech. I wish I could've protected my brothers under it, but unfortunately, the law says otherwise."

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