Mendeecees Harris Says It's 'Hurtful' After He and Wife Are Accused of Kicking Out Foster Child

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' couple receives backlash after they asked their foster daughter Infinity to move out of their home in an episode of the VH1 series.

AceShowbiz - Mendeecees Harris is speaking up for himself and his wife after they were accused of abandoning their foster daughter Infinity. Refusing to be portrayed in a bad light after they urged the 20-year-old to be independent, the real estate entrepreneur claimed that he's not "cold-hearted."

Mendeecees took to Instagram Live on Thursday, August 12 to address the backlash. "Enough! I hate I have to address this but when y'all tagging my kids it's getting outta hand!!" he said in a video of the live session.

Claiming that what the viewers saw on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" was only a piece of their long conversation, he pointed out, "That conversation took an hour long, and how it was edited to two minutes. From the two minutes ya'll get to see, it was very sad." He acknowledged, "It was sad what transpired out of that conversation…I was trying to figure out a solution…nobody tried to be mean. I'm not cold-hearted, I do have compassion."

Mendeecees then spoke directly to his fans and followers, "Your comments are very hurtful…ya'll are hurting Infinity, ya'll are hurting her healing process." He added of the criticism, "It's just sad man, it's very sad…I just hope that ya'll find peace in ya'll heart and know that there are some things that happened behind the scenes that I can't really say…"

In a recent episode of "LHH: Atlanta", Mendeecees and his wife Yandy sat down with Infinity to tell her they think it's time for her to live on her own. The entertainment manager told Infinity, "You're gonna get a job to pay your rent and start to live on your own. We're gonna pay your rent for the first two months. We're gonna help you be independent and make that transition to young adult."

"Thank you for even considering that," Infinity responded, before opening up to Mendeecees. "I just think that for me, living on my own…I think that's not something I'm ready for. I'm not ready to be isolated."

Mendeecees insisted though, explaining, "Yeah but this is the opportunity for you to repair the relationship…this is your time to prove you can be independent." Infinity then began to cry as she said their suggestion brought back old trauma for her. "For ya'll it feels like you're helping me, but for me, it's showing up as life…I feel like my biological mom is putting me right back out. I'm just not ready for it," she reasoned.

The couple was later criticized for telling Infinity to move out, with one user writing on Twitter, "#LHHATL I'm 20 and my parents ain't kicking me out. As long as I finish college they are willing to help. They are doing Infinity so dirty. Yandy and Mendeecees would not be doing this with their biological kids."

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